Another New Year's Eve Freshet

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Property damage

Property damage to the communities along the lower Russian River was substantial, although less than in previous floods of similar size, due to the sustained efforts of the past to move homes to higher ground.Guerneville cleanup

Within the Laguna de Santa Rosa watershed, fewer structures have been built in the floodplain because of its identification as being flood prone, and because of jurisdictional permit restrictions.  Nevertheless, notable structure damage occurred between the Meadowlane Pond and Morse–Todd constrictions when Blucher, Colgan, and the Laguna rose to unprecedented heights.

Guerneville cleanupDamage to homes and businesses on the western edge of Rohnert Park—especially to the Rancho Verde community—was substantial. Until this flood, the size of the Bellevue-Wilfred floodplain was thought to be smaller. This is a major finding.

Structures in the floodplain.Map showing structures in the floodplain subject to potential property damage